No Heat Homes
No Heat Homes


New Jersey

"When David Mears and his wife Dorothy put their house up for sale at the end of last year, it wasn't just the four-plus acres of beautiful woodlot land that made the property appealing. Nor were the five bedrooms or extra cabinet space in their roomy kitchen the most significant features.

The main attraction was the fact that the couple hadn't paid their heating bill for more than 25 years.

That's because they hadn't received one since 1980."



Morris Dovey built some solar heating panels and as of 2010 they hear the house with no electricity and no fuel.

The house is at 41N and a friend at 43N was ecstatic with his.

Chicago is 4153′N and Toronto is 4365′N, for comparison.

This will work up to 60 degrees of latitude, map of this shown here.


These prefabricated homes only work fuel-free south of the (US) Mason Dixon line - so, South of say, Maryland. North of that you need auxiliary heat but due so the choice of Georgia yellow pine (it's the resin that matters) and building envelops design, the amount of auxiliary hear required is minuscule.