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Chocolate beet cake

No, it's actually good. Don't make that face.


Coconut Key lime cupcakes made with coconut oil, with coconut oil frosting.


"These are typical sweets, handmade by my mother, quite difficult to prepare and have chocolate cream inside; their name is "sweet peaches" and they're made around easter time.

There are many recipes, and a few variations. The pink /red color is due by Alchermes, a Liquor, but, sometimes, poeple use coffee instead, so the "fruits" are not pink, but brown." - Marco Vaccari

"Alchermes is a type of Italian liqueur prepared by infusing neutral spirits with sugar, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and vanilla, and other herbs and flavoring agents. Its most striking characteristic is its scarlet color, obtained by the addition of Kermes, a small parasitic insect from which the drink derives its name. " - wikipedia.

chocobeet: Chocolate beet cake