Medicinal Eggs

I had the flu, I think, and and just getting over the secondary infeciton that tried to set in, but I spiced it to death and it never took hold. Fuck antobiotics. I'm almost better now.

I came up with this after I got sick of, after 4 days, eating raw garlic, ginger and jalapenos.

Poach a couple of eggs. While they're cooking smash a couple of cloves of garlic, dice a jalapeno.

Cut some cheese into cubes, any cheese. Nukrowave till it melts, add the garlic and chili, stir.

Take the eggs out of the water put the cheese on top.

This stuff is really really good. I mean fancy restaurant good. And it's actually medicinal.

You're gonna stink like hell after eating it of course.

Wash down with ginger/lemon/honey tea.