Hamilton enamel bezel watches from the 1930s
Hamilton enamel bezel watches from the 1930s

Made in fairly small numbers, and only in gold, these are scare in fine condition with commensurate prices. Many other watch companies took notice of Hamilton's drastic and daring for the time design, reflection of the deco period they were made in. Both American and Swiss companies made "homage" watches usually with the enamel bezel fairly similar to these.

The Coronado is my favorite. I've only seen them in very small number of stores and of course as pictures on eBay, but you don't get a good sense of the actual character of the watch from a picture: the spur is the rarest, the piping rock is the most famous, but the Coronado is my favorite. Once you handle them you'll know why.

Hamilton, now under Swatch Group control, reproduced the spur in a gold plated case with a mechanical ETA movement in the 1990s. Pictured here is a Lemania powered cal 1873 Chronograph they also made from around that same time. While not scarce in any sense of the word the same way the original ones were, they're still not particularly common and are very worth homage watches in their own right..

The 3 models Hamilton made with the enamel bezel are: