One control animal survived the initial aerosol challenge

Postexposure Prophylaxis against Experimental Inhalation Anthrax

"One control animal survived the initial aerosol challenge and appears not to have become infected, as blood cultures were negative and an immune response never developed.
There were three deaths that were not due to anthrax. One ciprofloxacin-treated animal died of an aspiration pneumonia, 1 animal in the doxycycline plus vaccine group died 6 days after discontinuing the antibiotic and the cause ofdeath could not be established, and 1 animal in the ciprofloxacin group died 73 days after antibiotic was discontinued because of urethral obstruction due to rubbery concretions. The relationship of the latter finding to the crystalluria induced by ciprofloxacin in nonhuman primates [9] is unclear. as the ciprofloxacin had been stopped for >2 months."