Russiagate or a wild goose chase?
Russiagate or a wild goose chase?

By 2017 formerly reputable sources such at The Atlantic magazine were offering the opinion that there was zero uncertainty that the Russians had fiddled with the US election and caused Donald Trump to become president ands that their loss at the polls, like the loss of Gore in 2002, was caused not by not having enough votes but because it was somebody else fault.

Always thinking it's always solidify else fault is at best, in an adult and if it seems to happen all the rie, assumption of a breakdown of rational thinking, nobody's perfect, it can be somebody else fault 100% of the time. But perhaps it's true. The difference between it being delusional and sign of unhealthy thinking and something being the actual truth is of course: evidence.

This idea seems to be nearly lost on The Atlantic, nearly after the first accusations flew that the russians are something an by gosh we have incontrovertible evidence such evidnce has been forgotten about instead of being produced in court or in a special hearing on the matter.

In June 2017, The Atlantic offered up this idea:

"It’s not seriously disputed by anyone in a position of authority in the U.S. government—apart from the president himself—that Donald Trump holds his high office in considerable part because a foreign spy agency helped place him there. So now what?"

That's not true though. Democrats believe this, because Democrats made it up. Nobody else believes it. The undecideds want to see evidence, which is not forthcoming and soon this nonsense will have it's first birthday.

Honest question - gave me a number of years you'll let this go without evidence Mr. McCarthy before we finally label is as the manufactured crisis it really is?

If the answer is eight, then the Democrats are just just as guilty as they claim - and rightly so - that the Republicans were of obstructing the president with nonese.

I'm not a right leaning person by any means and do not say this in support of anything other than the sake of truth. People keep asserting this idea the Russians interfered with the US elections yet form Snowden on down the idea that you could even could possibly have evidnce is something nobody that knows about this stuff would say. Your "position of *political* authority is meaningless here - the people that operate the routers the ones that leak from inside the NSA, CIA and FBI matter and they think you're a nutter to think this evidnce could even exist at all, let alone remain secret.

Get off it, in a paper world this crap works. Not here.

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Zerohedge ran an article with the title "HuffPo Yanks Article On Russiagate Hysteria By Award Winning Journalist Joe Lauria – So Here It Is" on Nov 17, 2017 so I saved a copy here.

"They're Russians, trust me, would highly paid DNC security consultant lie?"

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One might say "but this is RT of course they say that". Ok, let's assume they're lying, where is the evidence?

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