Animals and Global Warming
Animals and Global Warming


The rebound of the grizzly bear

Despite a plethora of articles that say in the future the Grizzly bear might have a problem, their population is up 4X from 2011.



It's asserted global warming increaed malaria, the press goes nuts and gets quite rabid then it's found out warmer climates actually slow down malaria.


The fickle monarch

Monarch butterflies dropped off the radar for a while. Global warming was blamed. Then they came back. But global warming is worse than ever. [sic]


The Panda population has increased by 17%.

In 2012 the world went crazy over the idea global warming was destroying the bamboo and extinction of the panda was postulated in tens of thousands of blog posts. This week China reported that the panda population had increased by 17%.


Snakes. No, really, snakes.

This is just too funny for words.

Arctic ground squirrels unlock permafrost carbon

Arctic ground squirrels dig tunnels which may release more CO2 from frozen soil than if they didn't dig. The catch is nobody knows how many there are.

Snowy owls are moving south

Why would snowy owls bee seen in more southern latitudes?