New cold weather records are the only ones being broken.

After the Katrina super storm hit we were told AGW was making weather more extreme. For ten years no hurricane hit Florida after that and nothing bigger than a Category two hurricane has hit the Florida mainland since then.




Fears that droughts we were told would literally never end because of global warming sort of got rained on.

Does this look like "more" hurricanes to you?

Global warming will make hurricanes worse. We've been told that a million times. So what happened? No hurricanes in Eleven years (as of 2016).

In 2016 a minor hurricane his the south east United States. It was out of the news in 3 days.

Moderately cold weather 'more deadly than heatwaves or extreme cold'

Study finds cold weather kills 20 times as many people as hot weather, and that premature deaths are most often caused by prolonged spells of moderate cold

Mastodons killed off by global cooling not global warming.