HTML has been an abject failure

As an experiment in electronic publishing, HTML was a noble effort based on SGML which came from the SCRIBE document database system it was little more than roff/troff/runoff from Bell Labs at the birth of Unix.

As of 2018, HTML5 plus CSS3 and JavaScript still cannot do what PostScript did in 1987, that is draw an outline of a single letter. to be sure you can fake this with about 3 pages of code but it looks bad and in PostScript its only 6 words and its so razor sharp on Mylar film because the same file works for a phototypesetter that you can go straight to press with it.

It's time to put runoff behind us and go back to a rational imaging model like the NeXT machine had that died stillborn. Keep in mind the current WebGL is simply the NeXT step imaging model which was briefly allowed Openstep.