Remediation of type II diabetes

Remediaton of the chronic nutritional ailment we refer to as "type II diabetes" is simple. 1) Stop eating crap 2) fix the underlying biochemical problem. They'll tell you the body's cells cant use the insulin. Here's why. The cellular membrane is made up of phospholipid molecules, J shaped, springy flexible things with lots of carbon bonds. These are all molecules we refer to as 18-carbon "omega-3" lipids, EHA, DHA, AA, etc. Inbetween these molecules the large spinning 3D proteins exist which are our neurotransmitter receptors. They connect with a neurotransmitter molecule and take an electorn from it. But the problem is when the phospholipids in the cellular membrane are replaced by other phospholipids, such as omega 6 or 9 or animal fats - or worse, trans fats, whcih are the absolute worst, becaquse they're I shaped, not very flexible and all its bonds are used up by a hydrogen molecule, that's why they're called hydrogenated - every formerly free carbon has a hydrogen sitting on it. So, when the cellular membrane is made up of these instead of the correct omega 3 oils, then the large spinning 3d proteins are squished and flat out don't work anywhere near as well. So, important neurotransmitters like seronin, estrogen and insulin don't get to do their stuff properly reculting in depression, bad pms and type II diabetes respectively. So don't listen when the medical profession says they don't know what causes diabetes and don't listen to big pharma when they try to sell injectible insulin for "when diet and exercise don't work" - they do work.

Diet is fairly easy. 35% of the world, roughly carries the gene for the ability to digest the lactose in milk pasy childhood, and 35% of works lacks the genes to digest gluten. So first get proper determination of these and adjust diet accordingly.

To remediate the cellular membrane eat lots of fish oil pills, a tablespoon of flax meal a day and lecithin. These provide enough menmber of the oleic acid famliy in various forms to fix the cellular membranes. It takes between 3 and 12 months. You could also eat hemp seed oil or flax seed oil instead of eating ground flax, but it's much more expenisve to do that.

As for diet, you have to keep the sugar and insulin levels down and in most poeple this "simply" involves eating less carbs, try to keep them under 40% by calories per day. If you ate noting but leaves, fish and (whole fat unsweetened) yogurt every day, you'd be getting everything you need and would have no more diabetes within a week. But, the "modern" diet is like a minefield. Try to eat less grains, no sugar. fats, healthy ones are ok, as are proteins fruit in season and leafy vegetables. Avoid grains and root vegetables and with the supplements above, type II diabetes is easily reversible.

rjs feb 2011