Observations on:

Observations on:

What is really means.

ghosts secrets - Weird scenes inside the gold mine

Medical dishonesty

Why you can't always trust big pharma's version of "medical research"

g20 2010-Toronto

Always an event!

Sheer idiocy.


The day the Welsh took over Wales.

The decline and fall of service.

sweeney video
sweeney reviews

A review of Sweeney Todd movie reviews, plus audio and video clips from the various versions: 1979 Broadway, the 1936 film and the 1982 US National Touring company. I'm still looking for the San Fransisco Symphony version from 85 or so - it was on youtube but got taken down.

3dfora berlin 3dfora kay 3dfora worlds
3dfora aw - Home of the 3D Chat,  Virtual Worlds Building Platform 3dfora opensim 3dfora realextend 3dfora impuvu 3dfora mjm 3dfora openlife 3dfora moove 3dfora metaplace

Pointers to 3d Fora, circa Jul 2009

How to beat a speeding ticket.

The US shot down a disabled satellite with a missile in Feb 2008.

The day Fidel Castro resigned.

The family Huxley.

Things I see I think are significant.


Smut from ancient Mesopotamia.

Why I never believe the Globe and Mail any more.


My daughter told me this.


I mean REALLY dumb stuff.

Why people have two hands and not one, three or four.