Sweeney Todd reviews published within 24 hours of the film being released
Dec 22 2007

Canadian press wire
"...it's no small feat what Burton has accomplished in creating a captivating movie musical; making the transition from Broadway to the big screen"

"Director Burton absolutely outdoes himself here, showcasing all his favorite themes and, by the end, you realize that every other movie he's ever made was just practice for this one."

VOA News
"Wickedly witty and steeped in blood, this is not a movie for the squeamish. But it is definitely one for discriminating audiences."

Los Angeles Times
"TIM BURTON'S adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's masterpiece "Sweeney Todd" is a funny, moody musical blood bath."

e online
"Lawsuits aside, the film paid off handsomely for Cohen, who received the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy and led to a role opposite Johnny Depp in the forthcoming musical Sweeney Todd."

Washington Post
"None of those approaches the significance for Sondheim of Burton's "Sweeney Todd," the brilliant singing splatterfest that finally gives him a stab at cinematic immortality."

"Sweeney Todd might have been written for Burton. It's a festival of his obsessions, set to dissonant music"

Pioneer Local
""Sweeney Todd" is gorgeous in a ghastly sort of way; it's artful and intelligent and even Goth dream-date romantic"

Albuquerque Tribune
""Sweeney," based on Stephen Sondheim's stage score, is, remarkably, the best musical to come out of Hollywood in years. "

Roanoke Times
"...this isn't a holiday feel-good musical but it's a compelling and ferocious piece of movie-making"