The day I met Beyonce in Starbucks.

I stopped buying comic books when they went from 12 to 15 cents. But in the first week I was in LA I went to a comic store at Pico and Sepulveda (yes I got a taco, yes I stil remember it well) and bought one by Harlan Ellison. It was a couple of bucks,large, glossy, black and white cover and something about a glass goblin. Inside were a couple of stories, one was about meth.
It had been about a decade I guess but the last comic I'd bought was the Green Lantern fighting Aquaman or some goddamn thing. How can this be the same guy who wrote everyone's favorite st episode?
He was the only other worthy to stand on the same pedestal with Clarke and Asimov. He was simply the best.

The night I saw Judy Collins' hair at the Empire theatre in Bellville.

Bo banna