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Ayers throws bomb, later on throws an O-bomb-a Ayers throws bomb, later on throws an O-bomb-a

There's a hideous cold wind blowing, cold as the black icy hole in Dick Cheneys chest where a human heart used to be and I'm supposed to be writing copy for a watch ad. But today was Obama rama ad you couldn't swing a cat for our boy's smiling face doing his best job yet at looking and acting presidential. His apearance on the Daily Show proved once again he can keep up with if not overwhelm Jon Stewart.

I don't understant the Obama campaigns handling of the Ayers thing though.

In Ayers time a young president who inspired and gave hope to millions had just been killed. There seemed to be a coup d'etat in America, the hippies understood the military industrial complex back then, the reason the documentary "Why we fight" exists today is that too many poeple still don't understand how the American democracy was coopted by the military.

But Ayers knew this. And he and many other poeple were so angry and upset at the way America was going they went too far and blew up a building.

But the American system of justice kicked in, he went to jail and later became a university professor

it came up during the campaign that Obamas campaign began in Ayers living room one afternoon.

Do you really suppose Ayers is any more happy under the Bush regime than he was under that lying ratbag Nixon? Same shit different decade. But this time he protested by throwing a different bomb. An O-bomb-a bomb.

Ayers would be in my eyes as far as a liability as could be imagined. He threw a different bomb this time, that's all. Borne out of the same frustration at the moral decay in DC as last time