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Funeral (for McCain) in Berlin

Funeral (for McCain) in Berlin
July 26 2008

Obama is a wanna be. They say he is all about greatness ... however, the only way he can make a speech is via the tele promtor. His trip to Euorpe, how foolish. Why not stay home and woo the citizens of the USA?

An interesting question. Short answer: he did. He's done. Long answer:

While I don't presume to know what he's thinking it is perhaps possible he wants to demonstrate how well he gets along with the people he would have to deal with should he be elected. And they seemed quite happy to see somebody who wasn't an old white guy for a change. Der Spiegel even referred to him as "No. 44", that is the 44th president of the United States and proclaimed that McCain had "utterly no chance".

His speech in Berlin was as rousing if not better than JFK's "Ich bein ein Berliner" speech at the Brandenburg gate in the 60's; JFK may have had the words, but Obama had the content. A concrete vision of world peace articulated so well it resonated across lines of language. To be sure this is going to be hard to live up to what he says. But that's the challenge of that job. McCain simply has to do very little to carry on the same-old same old that has made America today on the very serious verge of being a third world country and needing international relief to stop its people from starving. More people will die in the Appalations from starvation this winter than in India.

But, maybe Obama could have stayed home and campaingned in America like McCain did. He went grocery shopping and invited the press. The old man was almost hurt in an avalanche of applesauce he knocked over and he held an imprompteu press conference in the frozen food aisle. Later he had his own German take on things by having lunch at Schmidt's sausage house, a restaurant run by a local used car dealer.

While McCain strives for mediocrity in America, Obama has already made more positive progress abroad than Bush has in 8 years, and Obama hasn't even been elected yet.

Frankly the whole thing seems farcical and I'm not sure why they're even bothering wasting money counting votes or bothering to print "McCain" on the ballot.

But, carry on.

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