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The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be televised

Ivan Pope said: "Oh please, please, let this be 1992 for the Tories, when they sit up expecting to win the election - and they don't. Revenge for when I sat up to see a Labour victory in 1992 might have taken 18 years, but please let it come this year ..."

If the answers are labour and tories then somebody's asking the wrong question, but it's exactly the same situation in Canada with the Liberals and the Conservatives (two greater misnomers you've never seen) and in the United States with the Democrats and the Republicans.

I think the only solution is for the people of these three countries to rise up, and put the leaders in those six parties in a room, and shoot them, to send the message "you're fired, we're serious". Then just let the Greens an Nader run what little government we actually need. It's a janitorial job really, and not rocket science.

Ok we should probably save Obama, I think he actually wants to do the right thing but is simply unable to, because of the people that got him to the point where you were able to vote for him. They think it was great to get this black guy to break the mold of old white guys screwing things up, but now this uppity sumbitch actually wants to do what he said he would? Oh... boy.

There is no longer time nor money to put up with the tension and balance of corruption and greed these two parties enjoy with each other. Their sole mandate is to protect health and safety of the people, and the land, and in that order, and for the first time ever in two million years, our children will not live as long as us, largely because our severely undereducated governments pay people to supply food not compatible with survival of the human species. Soylent green would be a step up.

So I think we should kill them, use the twinkie defense, and let the greens run it. We'll all end up wearing Birkenstocks, but I think that's a small price to pay.

I'm eager to get this notion moving forward, do you think we should start with a Facebook group or take it straight to Twitter?

Richard Sexton
March 1, 2010
Happy St. Davydd's day.

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