Items from Turnbull
Items from Turnbull

Evan - take slow detailed good video of items. open boxes, bags and video/picture of contents.

Most need:
  • my art prints and paintings: in black & white cloth/plastic jakob bag, full of papers
  • blender, kniferack
  • chef knives (Mercer brand) (might be in black loyalist knife bag) bag has whet stone.
  • knives- sabatier set in knife block.
  • computer parts (ferrero rocher box)
  • soldering iron- in black cloth bag, also containing electrical things, arduino
  • bags of clothes - black trash bags
  • suitcases -leather + black suit bag

    ----easy stuff (pictured here)----
  • sheepskin coat, red leather coat
  • hats- straw hats pile
  • pink/purple wooden box organizr w/drawers
  • grey parts organizer inishelfs - has watches in it
  • -metal grey toolbox, is soldering iron in there?
  • -white metal shopping cart

    ---on porch---
  • cat painting-large, pink, blue
  • suitcases
  • wicker clothes hamper

    ----less need-----
  • all/any shoes, clogs-new balance pink/grey shoes
  • -shoe orthotics inserts
  • -wok
  • -fur coats - marvins
  • Any clothes you can find, any shoes you can find.

    BMW Seat Covers

    6 pieces

    6 pieces total, 3 pieces per seat - leather

    4k resolution televison with Bluray box

    2 items

    4k resolution televison with Bluray box

    Teak Lamp

  • 3M silveroid lamp
  • 2 teak lamps

  • mulitple_items

    smoked glass table, surfboard table.
    bonus: teak shelf x2

    Mark's Painting

    4 items and 1 set

  • #1 Mark's painting
  • #2 Arne Torneck
  • # Miro
  • #4 Mark's Cat Painting
  • #5 Set of 5 Small Paintings incl. Green painting