Boycott Sweden ?

Boycott Sweden ?

Dear Anonymous;

While the LOIC might be fun and make some people feel better I think in the long run it may do more harm than good; good people can go to prison for this and that doesn't help anyone. Visa, M/C, PayPal will have forgotten about this soon enough.

Spreading Wikileaks data around is a good idea, and lets not forget Usenet, that stuff is archived in so many places it's utterly impossible to delete.

But, none of this helps Julian. Right now he's rotting in a cell on a false charge because some external force is pressuring the Swedish authorities to pursue this. That one of the women have fled Sweden and the other apparently won't cooperate shows they are not the source of the trouble. Either a force acting from within Sweden or a force from another country is pressing the issue.

So, we must respond in kind and exert a greater force upon Sweden to compensate. An economic force is probably the best. How much can Sweden, as a whole, afford this?

I suggest we boycott Sweden and all Swedish businesses. It bothers me it's come to this as I think Sweden is a wonderful country with terrific people, but something is not right and needs to change.

It's a couple of weeks till Christmas and the right time of year to exert a financial pressure: if we can make Ikea's bottom line show a demonstrable effect between now and Christmas this might show the Swedish authorities the cost of bowing to whatever pressure is motivating them is simply too high.

Spread the word: boycott Sweden, boycott Swedish goods, boycott Ikea.

Richard Sexton on Saturday, December 11, 2010 at 11:35pm