"...and five kilograms of plague fleas..."

The Bonus Army & Tuskegee

Bonus army. Military uses a poison gas on protesters. A little girl dies.

The Tuskegee experiment: US secret live testing of pathogens on citizens of color.

"... bacteria of glanders and anthrax and the virus of cattle plague and mosaic disease,..."

DDT in the world war.

Secret World War II US Army Chemical Experiments Tested Troops By Race

The army exposed soldiers to Mustard gas to see of non-white skin was any more resistant than white skin. Persons of color were test subjects and exposed to mustard gas while whites were the control group and not exposed to the gas.

"...The cattle purchased was also to be infected, by inoculation with the virus of cattle plague..."


In 1945 the US secretly planned to attack Japan with Mustard Gas.

"...U.S. units collected relatively few Japanese documents from China."


"Since VJ Day Japanese war criminals turned into ‘experts’ have been working for the Americans in developing bacteriological warfare"

Evidence from Chinese medical tests suggests Hantavirus' existence over 1,000 years ago

Control of Certain Aspects of the Infective Process by Progeny Viral DNA


Biological Defense Research Program

One control animal survived the initial aerosol anthrax challenge and appears not to have become infected.

JEFFREY TAUBENBERGER, Chief, Molecular Pathology Department, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, who brought back the 1918 Flu virus.

Resurrection of the 1918 influenza virus

"The resurrection of the 1918 influenza virus was a team effort engaging the resources of the C.D.C. in Atlanta, an obscure military pathology lab outside Washington, D.C., an esteemed group of influenza experts at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and one elderly Swede." - New York Times (link)

"...are important for optimal toxin gene expression."

President Clinton asks Congress to add $300 million to the next year’s federal budget to protect Americans from biological and biochemical war

The WHO adopts a resolution calling for a delay in the destruction of smallpox in the two known storage sites in the USA and Russia.