Salvestrol - natural cancer cure?
"When ripe fruits and vegetables are attacked by fungus, which happens all the time, they develop the salvestrols as a natural defence. When we eat the plants, the salvestrols in the food trigger the enzymes in any cancer cell to produce piceatannol, which then attacks the cancer. Having discovered this, his team searched for plants that had the highest level of salvestrols, and stared testing to see if the compound would fight an active cancer if eaten as a supplement. When they discovered that it seemed that they did, he helped create the Nature’s Defence to sell the food supplements as Fruit Force; these are simply concentrated salvestrols, taken from fruit."
Salvestrols now face at least 10 years of testing, but because it's a natural product made from fruit peel it can be sold. I've personally met people whose end stage cancer has been reversed by taking this stuff. Given that it's non-toxic, has no side effects and is cheap you have a lot to gain and almost nothing to loose by taking it if you have cancer.

Was this known in Chinese medicine? Citrus peel was unknown in the western pharmacopoeia but look where and how it shows up in the Chinese pharmacopoeia (and therefore, kitchen). Note also the large amount of tangerine peel eaten in Mediterranean and Northern African dishes, two areas that are among the lowest for cancer worldwide. Ironically, in this UK Cancer Research map, it's the one that's tangerine colored.

Turns out the Chinese had a pretty good handle on this 5000 years ago.

Cancer cells feed directly on sugar, so the first thing is to get red of that, an that includes starches, which break down to sugar. The next thing is to supply the body with all the various molecules it needs. If some are missing or deficient, nothing is going to work properly. Finally why organic matters: especially in this case and how it relates to the massive rise in cancer in the last 100 years.


Five thousand years ago the Chinese began writing down the effect of various plant substances on the body; twenty years ago, this guy, Gerry Potter (no relation) began looking at molecules that kill cancer cells. Their confluence arrived at tangerine peel and the specials molecules in this and certain other fruits and vegetables: a chemical that kills cancer cells but does not harm normal cells.


Links to articles on Salvestrol and it's development and discovery and use.


In 2007 Potter and Burke found an absolute cure for prostate cancer based on the CYP19 enzyme which only occurs in prostate cancer cells.

"Prostate cancer drug so effective trial stopped"

After that they developed a general purpose cure based on CYP1B1, which is found in all cancer cells.
"Private hell of Leicester scientist searching for cancer wonder drug"

A P450-II Cytochrome enzyme in P450-II series named CYP1B1 [1] is expressed ("only occurs in") only by cancer cells [2][3]. When phytoalexins in the Resveratrol and Salvestrol families are ingested they react with this enzyme to form Piceatannol [4], which is fatal to only that cancerous cellbut not human cells [5][6].


Summarized here by one of the team that discovered it:
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