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2002 |ITALY
Autumn morning view | Digs | Farmhouse | Gimignano | Gimignano 2 | Pig sty | Sienna landscape | Stairs-sketch | Stairs | Storm | Up the hill | Venezia | Venezia at night | Wild boar
The Florence Period
The Florence Period


My morning view in autumn.

From the collection of Mr. & Mrs. J & L Gravelle.

Watercolour approx. 94cm x 64cm circa 1985


We lived here for the better part of the time.

That is until in the wet months of February and March, when the mould on the walls grew too much for my wife's allergies.

Watercolour approx. 94cm x 64cm circa 1985.


From my daily trek to the market, everyday I would pass this farmhouse. Watercolour approx 80cm x 65cm circa 1985


A medieval metropolis.

Here is a rendering from the beautiful city of S. Gimignano in Tuscany.

From the Sexton family collection

Watercolour approx 67cm x 43cm


S. Gimignano

A simple urban landscape form the beautiful city of S. Gimignano in Tuscany.

From the collection of Mr. Chris Linstrom

Watercolour approx 64cm x 85cm


The villa where we stayed back in '85. Beautiful during the summer. Not so much in the wetter months. We lived in converted pig sty (seriously) on the lower right.

A oil sketch approx. 104cm x 65cm


A miniature sketch of a sienna urban landscape.

Watercolour approx 22cm x 12cm


The journal sketch for the stairs painting.


The lobby of Matthew and Jacquie's apartment.

Always a hot water problem. Home of many a 5 litre night.

From the Sexton Family collections

Watercolour approx 140cm x 94cm


Storm at night

The sketch for this was done standing beneath an umbrella during a fierce storm; I wonder weather I accomplished this feeling with the painting?

Watercolour approx. 94cm x 64cm circa 1985


Up a steep hill.

Just a short jaunt through the village. Can I remember the name of the place? Of course not.

A small sketch approx. 34cm x 23cm.


One of the many Journal sketches done in that magical town of Venezia


I loved Venezia. I found it a most romantic, somewhat slightly surrealistic environment. Especially at night.

From the collection of Mr. William Croon.

Pencil Drawing approx 89cm x 73cm


Tuscan wild boar.

What's a Tuscan Village without the butcher shop?

Watercolour approx. 94cm x 64cm circa 1985