Richard Sexton - photos
Richard Sexton - photos

Redondo Beach, King harbor to Catalina, 1981
CADO Systems Corporation, product development group outing.
Organized by Wendell & Linda Strike, present were Jim Herber, Keith Doyle, Dan Lanham, Katie Fox, Mary Ann Coyle and myself.

"And in August 1982, two commercial shark hunters snagged a 16-foot female great white shark off Point Dume near Malibu.

The shark, too large to put aboard their boat, was towed to San Pedro, where a large crowd gathered to see the shark weighed. It died on the journey back to the harbor."

Same day. This shark story was on the news when I got home about the biggest great white ever caught off the california coast. That's exactly where we were sailing from, halfway between Long Beach and Malibu. Charts show sharks like Malibu a lot. They attack but do not kill the residents there out of professional courtesy.



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