Richard Sexton's Interests


Alternative energy - We had about the cheapest electricity in North American here in Ontario, then the government privatized it and now we pay 3X as much despite using less every year; and then there's the price of oil... my casual interest in alternative energy sources has been piqued.


I'm not big into clocks really, I prefer watches. But I came across thins Jefferson goldern hour and I'd never give it up. I bought it as junk, plugged it in and it's kept pretty decently accurate time ever since. Amazingly all parts are still available for these things (2007) although mine hasn't needed any so far.

Free university courses online. This, in my opinion, is what the net was meant to do.

45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and other literary texts completely legally for free


Home repair and renovation. I used to live in a nearly 200 year old house. It's amazing how much you learn about fixing houses when you live in one this old. Like you have a friggin choice.

Sythesis and use of plastics and resins. With emphasis on photoluminescence.

Bulova curvex with rose dial

I've played with old watches for most of my life and particularly like Bulovas from the 30s and 40s and Lemania prewar chronos. Oh and that Roamer 44 jewel thing.


The devil is in the details.