Richard Sexton's Interests


I've been keeping aquaria since 1974 and had something to do with very early Usenet aquaria newsgroups and mailing lists in the 1980s. Over the years I've run the Cryptocoryne mailing list run and the livebearers list. I read aquabid a lot for my fish "fix". I did a couple of killi websites in the '90s and a general purpose encyclopedic work and another about Cryptocorynes and other aroids.

Point of trivia: the killifish mailing list I (still) run was the first tropical fish mailing list on the Internet and and were the first two tropical fish domain names ever registered. I think mark Barnett's fishlinkcentral was the third. It was easy to keep track of them back then there were none, then there were a very small number.

These days I use new top level domains for this fish stuff or tied to, they didn't pan out and I'm tending more towards geographic domains. The lack of cost and need to renew them is better suited for reference sites

Alternative energy

We had about the cheapest electricy in North American here in Ontario, then the government privatized it and now we pay 3X as much despite using less every year; and then there's the price of oil... my casual interest in alternative energy sources has been piqued.


I'm not big into clocks really, I prefer watches. But I came across thins Jefferson goldern hour and I'd never give it up. I bought it as junk, plugged it in and it's kept pretty decently accurate time ever since. Amazingly all parts are still available for these things (2007) although mine hasn't needed any so far.

Free university courses online.

This, in my opinion, is what the net was meant to do.


Wilkommen die machinen

I hate the stupid things.


In the late 1980s I was responsible for the creation of the usenet newsgroup comp.fonts. I've always been interested in typefaces.


Home repair and rennovation

We live in a nearly 200 year old house. It's amazing how much you learn about fixing houses when you live in one this old. Like you have a friggin choice.


We'll always have Paris.

Film buff. Hard core.

Crap I listen to

I mostly listen to CBC radio, but there's some stuff I really like.


Anything with chlorophyll.

I can grow anything. Mostly.

Sythesis and use of plastics and resins. With emphasis on photoluminescence.


dead recipes

There's not much point in just putting recipes here, they're all over the internet. But there are recipes that are no longer online and for those that don't grok they've been brought back from the dead here.


Ways of getting around.

Bulova curvex with rose dial

Things that tick

I've played with old watches for most of my life and particularly like Bulovas from the 30s and 40s and Lemania prewar chronos. Oh and that Roamer 44 jewel thing.

The devil is in the details.