Miscellaneous History Videos
Miscellaneous History Videos

OTHER ANCIENT HISTORY The Celts (3 episodes)

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Forgotten Empires: The Hittite Kingdom (HD)

The Persian Empire

Nubia The Forgotten Kingdom


A History Of Britain

Mesopotamia : Secrets of the Forgotten Empire of Mesopotamia

Engineering an Empire: Carthage

Captives: Captured People of Ancient Civilizations

The Quest For The Phoenicians

India's Ancient People

The Story of Scotland Before Scotland

Germanic Tribes - Pax Romana

OTHER HISTORY The Mayan Tribe Engineering an Empire

The Maya: Death Empire

The Vikings : Documentary on the Life, Culture, and Legacy of Vikings

Barbarians: The Vikings

The Lost World of Communism

The Necessary War (WWI Documentary)

The Great Civil War Of America

The Crusades Crescent and the Cross

The Dark Ages: Life, War and Death

The War of the Word BBC Documentary Women and Religion

History of the Russian Empire

Japan : History of Japan's Ancient and Modern Empire

BBC Coast The Netherlands

Inside the American Mob (HD)

The Mafia Empire (4 episodes)

Ireland : The Complete History of Ireland (Almost 5 hours!);a class=watch?v=lEpK0yuU9f4

Afghanistan War

America's Great Indian Leaders

Documentaries Iraq - the Cradle Of Civilization

The Divine Michael Angelo

WORLD WAR II World War 2 - History channel

World War II Documentary

The German invasion of Russia

The Wehrmacht - The Blitzkrieg Attack on Europe (5 episodes)

US Elite Marine Corp in the Second World War WW2

Shooting Iwo Jima

The Untold Stories of the World War II

World War II - The Eastern Front (10 episodes)

The battle of North Africa

U Boat War : Documentary on the Submarine Battle of World War 2

Untold Stories of World War 2 II in Colour

Japan's War in Colour

War in the Pacific

Nuremberg War Crimes Trial

Germany after the War, 1945-49

Auschwitz - Surprising Beginnings

Going for Broke: Japanese Americans in World War II