Netflix DRM would not be possible to implement in an open source browser. So, no firefox for Netflix.

Netflix pushes for DRM in the emerging HTML5 standard (Ars). Citing contractual obligations to their content providers Netflix is insisting on this and admits open source web browsers supporting this could not exist.

"A new Web standard proposal authored by Google, Microsoft, and Netflix seeks to bring copy protection mechanisms to the Web. The Encrypted Media Extensions draft defines a framework for for enabling the playback of protected media content in the Web browser. The proposal is controversial and has raised concern among some parties that are participating in the standards process."

"Some of the discussion surrounding the Encrypted Media proposal seem to validate his concerns. Mozilla's Chris Pearce commented on the issue in a message on the W3C HTML mailing list and asked for additional details to shed light on whether the intended content protection scheme could be supported in an open source application."

"Netflix's Mark Watson responded to the message and acknowledged that strong copy protection can't be implemented in an open source Web browser. He deflected the issue by saying that copy protection mechanisms can be implemented in hardware, and that such hardware can be used by open source browsers."

Really Netflix? Really? Do you really want to see how quickly you can lose the other half of your customer base?