It's not the cheese, it's the oil

It's not the cheese, it's the oil

Recently the Ney York Times reported that at a time when Americans are battling dietery saturated fat the government is subsidizing Dominos Pizza to sell more cheese.

Notwithstanding the fact that dietery fat consumption is down, and the rate of cardiovascular disease is going up which some say points to the increase in sugar as the source of the harmful v-LDL's, not dietery fat, the larger problem is that the cheese Dominos Pizza uses isn't cheese as we know it.

Institutional Pizza cheese is a "cheese food product"; to extend the (expensive) cheese component, edible seed oils are added. These seed oils are very high in Omega 6 fatty acids.

Look at the nutritional composition of 106 grams of Dominos Pizza: it has 1323 milligrams of omega 6 oils. Now look at 106 grams of pure mozzarella cheese, it only has 440 grams of omega 6. How can pizza, which is only partially cheese, have more omega 6 than if it were made of nothing but cheese? Because they don't use real cheese perhaps? Could it a blend of dairy and edible seed oils? The commercially extened "cheese food product" ? Stuff that's made from some cheese and some seed oils which are extremely high in omega 6 fatty acids - one teaspoon of soy oil contains over 6000 mg of omega 6 fats. Never mind pizza is usually made from low-fat / high moisture mozzarella and the figure here is for whole fat mozzarella.

An excess of omega 6 leads to depression, aggression, diabetes and obesity and has been well covered in the popular and scientific press.

In other words we should not be so concerned that the government is pushing cheese, we should be concerned the government is pushing junk food made from a commercially extended "cheese good product".