Chilling Effects
Chilling Effects


The Insider is a 1999 film that documents when CBS corporate told CBS news what it can and can not report based on the 1997 Wigand case against big Tobacco.

Wigands comments 15 years later


Good Night, And Good Luck is a 2005 film about the McCarthy era when CBS corporate tried to tell CBS news what they can and can not report.


Truth is about the decline and fall of Dan Rather at the hands of the Bush administration at a time when CBS was involved with Viacom. 60 Minutes ran a story on how George W. Bush did not complete his military service and in fact appeared to go AWOL. Corporate pressure and an attack over syntax but not semantics got the producer fired and who never worked in television again, members of ger staff were asked to resign and Dan Rather resigned then sued CBS for breach of contract for accusing them of sidelining him to appease the White House. He won the suit but the decision was overturned by an appellate court.