Star Wars 2005

Star Wars 2005

Star Wars: Episode III - The Revenge Of The Sith will open the 2005 Cannes festival

Comments from slashdot:

A Great Disturbance: as if a million voices cried out in Agony
- kaalamaadan

We'll have Bud Light open up for Octoberfest while we're at it.
- Alcimedes

I'd rather see the Sith crumple Cannes on their foreheads, personally.
- DietCoke

The Hoity-Toity will no doubt be sleepin on the sidewalk waiting for opening day.

That would be worth seeing
- ackthpt

Ahhhh, the Cannes film festival. You shall never find a more retched hive of scum and villiany
- Anonymous Coward

It would also be funny to make references to Kevin Smith films as they have made so much reference to Star Wars. Having Darth Jay and Darth Bob (Silent Palpatine) selling weed to Wookies before, during, or after the battle or show a convience store during the construction of the Death Star called the Death Stop manned by two screwed up Storm Troopers named Dante and Randal.
- captjc

If it sucks, will Lucas have to face the Wrath of Cannes?
- cocoamix

Everyone it seems bitches and moans about these movies...then they go see the next one. Reminds me of an ex-girlfriend who would cover her eyes if a porn was on, but would watch through her fingers
- Anonymous Coward

Guess now we know which movie's going to get the prestigious Palm d'Merde this year.
- Trick

Dammit George! You were supposed to be making a movie, not a Cannes-Opener!
- Sundroid

*waves hand*

This is not the movie you want to see.

Move along.
- sapped

The Shit has hit the Cannes
- DrunkenTerror