Plant importation from the US to Canada

Plant importation from the US to Canada

To import into Canada tropical plants from the US, you do not need an importation permit and most tropical plants that most dart hobbyists would be interested in are not restricted by CITES legislations. In fact, all you really need to pay for is as follows:

* Phytosanitary fee (the exporting merchant may or may not require you to pay this, as they are required to pay this to ship to Canada...this will vary from merchant to merchant)

* CFIA inspection fee $13 +tax (if order is less than 1600 plants)

* Canadapost handling fee $8 (may depend on how your plants are shipped)

* GST & PST for orders over $20 CDN

When bringing an order into Canada, you need to make sure that:

* The plants are grown in the US, and if the plants are originally grown outside the US, that the pups being sold have been grown in the US for at least a year (otherwise fees etc may be different)

* The invoice of the order should have an itemized list of the species of plants being shipped

* Make sure that the broker makes sufficient copies of the phytosanitary forms

* Make sure that the person doing the clearance has a copy of the phytosanitary form as well (you might want to ask the merchant for a copy of it so you can provide it if needed when you go to pick up your order)

I believe that's everything, but you can get more information here:

CFIA BC - 604-666-6826 Ask to speak to an inspector about tropical plants

Canada Customs - 1-800-461-9999 then push '0' twice