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Roamer Wristwatches

An explanation of where the 44 jewels are ca be found here:

"And the last 7 jewels, they are sitting in the rotor bearing. Which, as it turns out, was better for advertising than longevity as impact damage can cause the ruby rotor bearings to fracture. Many of the 44 jeweled versions now live with 37 jewels, with the ruby bearing unit replaced with a steel ball bearing unit from the lesser models of the family. The ruby bearing units are no longer available and were swapped out in service during the 1970s." - Kris Bubendirfer



1st Gen

Kris Bubendirfer: " A revolutionary 100% in house design and manufacture. Meyer and Stuedeli SA (MST) third in-house automatic. This calibre along with the 471 successor was the pinnacle of MST movement design. Differential gearing, 44 functional jewels and beautifully finished - this world class movement was many years ahead of the competition. Micro regulator as standard. Jewels in the 44 jewel version were allocated as follows: Movement 19, automatic winding device 8 (hole jewels), coupling clutches (2x5) 10 ruby balls, and ball bearing for rotor 7 ruby balls."


1st Gen, with date

Romand Ranfft: "Really collectible items, because MST produced from the dial to the screws almost everything in-house. The high grade but rugged movement of this watch a genuine MST design. A waterproof case which can be opened without tool and needing no gasket (except crown) is watchmaker's dream. The model designator 44 probably comes from the 44 jewels of the top model, but the majority of these watches have only 28 jewels."


2nd Gen


2nd Gen, with date

1965-1973: rotor bearing with 7 ruby balls, if 44 jewels detached manual wind different rotor shapes (cf. MST 471): 1) like MST 437
2) without slot
3) with slot
4) with slot, nickel plated

436: -
437: date
just detail modifications:
470: -
471: date