I can has bathroom break now?

I can has bathroom break now?

Akward family moments. There's a website about this, and this might be one of the funniest picture on there.

Read the comments first:

OH LORD! why would anyone have paid the photographer! He could have at least cropped…wow!

seriously right? i hope it’s an outtake

Actually, the photographer DID crop it, and he gave them a picture containing the family minus the little boy’s crotch. To this day, the family doesn’t know that this was the original picture, and we’re all hoping that they’ll find out via this website.

Hayley, are you the photographer? Just curious on the context here.

I’m only the friend of the photographer. He’s held on to this picture for years and years, just knowing it would come in handy. Then we discovered and knew this was just what was meant for the picture. What might be funny for people to know is that this is a family of missionaries, and this picture was the one intended to be sent out as their “introductory” photo. I think they even put it in pamphlets and stuff!

i actually know this family personally. i’m good friends with the oldest boy, which is now 20 yrs old. i’m afraid to mention it to them though, being how awkward and freaky it is to see them actually on this random website. how creepy..

Now, here's the picture (scroll down):