Natural Paint Recipes

Natural Paint Recipes

Nearly all these paint recipes were taken from "The Natural Paint Book" ( ISBN 0-87596-914-3) which I really cannot say enough good things about. I think everybody should have it on their bookshelf. Some of the recipes were corrected where imperial and metric units did not agree.


About wax

An important natural finish.

About oils and waxes

More for wood finishes than walls.

Network resources

Where to find stuff.

Milk Paint Recipes - and others

All the natural and mailk paint recipes can be found here.

Use with care

Nasty buggers those solvents. Used in producing oil based paints.

Keep stuff together

The binder is the "glue" that keeps all the stuff in paint together.

The colorant

Only a small percent of paint is pigment. But it's what gives it color.