Natural Paint Pigments

Natural Paint Pigments

  1. Whiting.

    Requires prep to ensure smoothness. Place in bucket and add cold water until covered. No need to stir, just let it sit. It will be ready the following day.

  2. Earth, earthern and natural pigments

    1. Clays, containing oxides, manganese etc

    2. Green is a weak pigment, it's comprised mostly of clay
    3. Ochers, umbers, siennas are of medium density.
    4. Red iron oxide is a powerfully strong pigment.
    5. White is from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.
    6. Ultramarine blue and ultramarine red and obtained from clays hi temp fired, with sulfur.
    7. Chromium odixe is green
    8. Manganese violet is a powerful pigment, ultramarine violet less so.

  3. Bugs and plants

    1. Cochineal - red, made from bugs, err, cochineal beetles.

    2. Deilcate light sensitive natutal plant pigments:
      • kesu blossom (orange)
      • krapp root (red)
      • reseda or weld (yellow to olive)
      • woad and indigo (blue)

  4. Glimmer pigments
      By-products of the metal industry they are very fine particles of gold, bronze and silver color material.