Drinking chocolate

Drinking chocolate

This is actually a French recipe for drinking chocolate. It's as different from "hot chocolate" (especially from a mix!) as a Volkswagen Beetle is compared to a Ferrari; that is, it's not even close to being the same thing.

First, get yourself some decent chocolate. Not the crap candy served up by Hershey's and Cadrbury, but real chocolate. If you have doubt about what this actually is, get some Lindt - DO NOT GET ANYTHING ELSE - if you can't get Lindt, don't bother, wait until you can.

It does't actually matter which kind of Lindt chocolate you start with (as long as it's just chocolate, the stuff with nuts/salt/what-have-you in it isn't going to work as well. I've tried it with milk, Ecuadoran and chili, they all work really really really well but of course have different flavors.

Take the cup you want to use. Put milk in it (whole milk is better) so it's almost full. Put some cream in it until it is actually full. Dump this into a saucepan. Heat it until it boils.

When it boils dump in two squares of chocolate. Resist the urge to put more in, it'll be far too thick to drink if you do.

Whisk it. When it comes to a boil again let it go for a short while then take it off the stove and pour it back into that cup.

I think everyone should make this once in their lives; it doesn't taste like anything you've ever had before. You have to drink it hot, if you stick it in the fridge and let it cool a thick solid layer forms on the top that's cocoa butter and some chocolate leaving just chocolate and milk underneath.

Some people think Cote d'Or is better than Lindt. I try to avoid them. rjs oct 2011