Oven Roast Duck & Apple (Russia)
Oven Roast Duck & Apple (Russia)

Duck with apples in the oven
(translated from Russian)

For the preparation of whole duck undertake not every woman, because many people mistakenly believe that the bird will turn hard, with a specific smell. Classical duck with apples - a dish which proves quite the opposite: a fragrant, soft, tender and very tasty meat!

Correct, original baking will not only fall in love with ruddy duck, but also will make you a real culinary forewoman. The recipe for duck with apples should be in the arsenal of every housewife, and rumor has it that men get this dish tastier. But this is just a rumor, right?


  1. Duck 1 PC.
  2. Apple 500 g
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Black pepper (ground) taste
  5. Lemon 1 PC.

From squeeze lemon juice, add salt and pepper. Wash the duck, pat dry and rub a mixture of lemon, leave to marinate for 1 hour. Green apples cut into large slices, remove the core. Stuff the belly duck with apples, sew thick thread. Wings wrap the foil, so that they are not burnt. Grease a baking sheet, put on his carcass belly up and send it in the oven for 2 hours. Bake at 200 degrees. From time to time watering duck formed on the baking juice. An hour before the end of cooking, lower the temperature to 180 degrees, and half an hour before the end, remove the foil.

If you like experimenting, you can grate the carcass is not salt, and soy sauce, adding 0.5 hours. L. Sahara. Golden brown and taste with Eastern hint like almost everyone. Take the prescription to your note, and do not forget to share with your friends!