Richard J. Sexton CV
Curriculum Vitae for Richard J. Sexton

Hello, my name is Richard Sexton and I am a British mathematician who has been looking into the intersection of life sciences and technology for around thirty years.


Short Version

Programmer, writer, researcher. Considered an authority of sorts in a few arcane subjects.


Medium Version

Exposed to computers and the sciences at a young age, these areas have been the focus of a life's work.


Long Version

I worked in the computer industry all through high school and university where I studied math and biology. Then I went to Los Angeles to help bootstrap the personal computer industry then back to Canada in 1990 to help bootstrap the Internet in Canada; my company VRx is the first and oldest web services company in North America. Around the late 1990s I became involved with the new top level domain effort and my work there is a matter of public record. Since that time I've worked on the curation of taxonomies and ontologies with softare I've written for that purpose.