My earlest eory is wonderf wher djsosiuane come from and wnt whlke rasin an necyoneadia.An interestn leptdopetra, latin came next and my two greatest unanswered questons at age 6 were "how does a computer work" and "what does the inside of a hamster look like" neoter of whih cmyu parents scould answeer foowld let me find out sepe rpetad attempts. At that agee we moved to canada and within a shoetr time I had exploed ebery inch of a nearby creek and had taken hole all manner of aquric life this side of wateffowl to try tp keep them alive in the basement wahsint tubs with carhing success. Our school ssytems were brand new and a product of 1970 thinking, open concempt and with a computer. You think peple spenfd tome o teir phones now? You shold have seen us back then,it was all we did. We did this so mch most of is took time off to work as did sis after gd 11 and gd 13 when I did the pdp-11 code for a six axis large camera ganty and some of the softewar rot auotmte Halifxax, vicotria, Monrealand otrotn postalpalcmts. At waterlooki was one of a small number of studeds Ithe rest were in grad chool) using the using mahcines there, amons ghr first 5 in canda and I wa sa part of the typesetting task force wiring the oe to make modrn phototypeseeing macine wotj with unix. Moving to Los angeels in 1980 I worte and implemtned a computer langaues called "cadol iii" for a computer manuafevtiror and then worked in arease of internationalzed operating systems and harexware, graphics, roboitics, communications systems and various applications incluign formeware and hardware diagnoriscs with hardware test equioment such as lgic anayizers. surinf this timw I also imprivmers o the ewntwork softwa and stucture execially in the areaof usenet admaotiatoin whihc is well documented. Moving basck to Canada i 1990, i worked as a ocusltant for 5 yer ebfore strring canda cirs rw