The 1980s: "Fish, fonts and fucking"

Apparantly I was all the rage in 1990.

While nothing to do with usenet, if you find this drivel amusing you'll probably like this too.


That bastard Cohen ripped me off I swear. You like? I like? Jagshamesh.

There's a bunch of other newsgroups I'm responsible for.

terms pleco - pl*co

Crap I get blamed for

I talk funny. Now other people talk funny. Now you talk funny.

Folks I've met

Oh brother...

Hardy: A history of Usenet

So this guy calls me saying he's writing a thesis and wants to know about how new newsfroups were created.

We talked.

You can read his thesis here and talk to Henry Hardy on Facebook.

The plant and Aquarium lighting faq

I wrote this a long time ago.

There is a difference between beeing responsible for the creation of the newsgroup "" and being responsible for all the sexual content on the internet. The former is mine the latter I have absolutely nothing to do with.

Net.legend FAQ

Shouldn't I have groupies or something?

Godwin story - I met Mike Godwin once.

He's like, so 0wned.

Best of the best of usenet.


I created this one, too. All those thousands of hours and we're stuck with Arial and Verdana. Does that show you how irrelevant usenet is or what?

I was responsible for the first aquaria newsgroup and (cough) a few others (snicker) that came later.