Leon Kreitzman in writes:
In “Philosophia Botanica” (1751), the great taxonomist Carl Linnaeus proposed that it should be possible to plant a floral clock. He noted that two species of daisy, the hawk’s-beard and the hawkbit, opened and closed at their respective times within about a half-hour each day. He suggested planting these daisies along with St. John’s Wort, marigolds, water-lilies and other species in a circle. The rhythmic opening and closing of the plants would be the effective hands of this clock.


Aquatic Gardner's Association

I wrote a list of aquarium and houseplant lighting frequently asked questions (FAQ) once in 1989 and was happy to let the AGA publish it when they asked. Here's a copy of the article.


Tropical Fish Hobbyist

I wrote for TFH for a few years about killifish, aquatic plants and fishkeeping in general. I have copies here of all of that stuff.

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