Quark (milk) paint recipes - Natural Paint Recipes
Quark (milk) paint recipes

Dried quark (milk curd) is the basis of all casein paint. Although you can buy it at specialty (food) stores you can make it yourself very easily by adding the juice from one lemon to one quart (liter) of milk. Separate the curds with cheesecloth. This makes 500g (about 1 lb 2 oz) of quark.

This will hold more whiting and pigment.

Very strong paint with a velvety matte finish. This is the "milk paint" of the Shakers.

Simple and weak binder can be used for thin washes on light walls.

Quark and lime paint has been used as a "milk paint" in Europe and the US for centuries. Good for childrens furniture.

Adding oil to quark makes for more sophisticated glazes. Layers well.