Marmalade recipes and history

Marmalade recipes and history


Spiced Marmalade

Spiced marmalade recipe(s).


Recettes franšaises marmelade

French recipes for marmalade.

Delia's version of Mary McDermot's original recipe. Dark, thick, chunky, bitter. Takes two days to make and lots of heat. Technically a "concentrated" marmalade with more than 65% fruit peel. Also known as "Dundee marmalade", this is the original marmalade recipe. Note: the technique of poaching the oranges first in this recipe really is so good you might want to use this in every recipe.

More like the lighter, sweeter, not as clear, more jam-like American version of marmalade.

English style, but not as dark as Dundee.
British Style.

British Style. Photo from the excellent article at

Quick and easy.

Canadian style. With attitude, eh?

"If you like Robertson's Seville Orange Marmalade, you will like this recipe, as the results are better, in my opinion. If you like North American marmalade like Sheriff's Marmalade, don't bother making it, buy it in the store. If you have never made cooked jams before, try making jams before you try marmalade. Making marmalade is a lot more time consuming than making jam."

History and types

I don't know why the author says chopping the peel finely takes a long time - I use a Chinese cleaver and it takes about 5 minutes (chop chop chop chop) to cut all the peel finely. No big deal.