French Marmalade

French Marmalade


- 1 kg of sugar per 2 kg of whole fruit - ginger or cinnamon (optional)


Press the citrus preserve aside the juice and seeds.
Blanch the peel for 20 minutes. If they are very thick after cooking remove some of the white spoon to reduce bitterness (optional).
Cut the peel into thin strips.
Add the sugar in proportion to 500 g per kg of mixed juice + peel, seeds in a bag of cheesecloth, a touch of spice as citrus chosen (ginger and / or cinnamon with clementine and orange).
Simmer until desired consistency.

Good to know:

Flavors for every time of the year:

January / February: clementine, orange, lemon, kumquat
March: sweet orange, mandarin, kumquat
April to November: pomelo
August to October: lime (lime), citron green
November: clementine, lemon, citron yellow or green
December: clementine, lemon, bitter orange, citron

As with berries, citrus flavrs blend well together. Here are some particularly tasty combinations:

3 kg of clementines, lemons 2 kg, 1 kg of bitter oranges
4 kg of sweet oranges, bitter oranges 1 kg + cinnamon
2 kg of lemons, limes 2 kg (+ ginger optional)
3 kg of clementines or mandarin oranges 2 kg

Jam or lemon citron freezes hard. Continue cooking the fruit is caramelized. To reduce the cooking time and get a jam gelled the beautiful color of fruit, add natural pectin.