I'm a Sony fascist and while perhaps not the be all end all it's almost certainly safe to say "buy a Sony" if you're talking about monitors and TV's.

You need to pay attention to the model numbers: there's KV, PVM, BVM and GDM.

KV is the consumer grade stuff. Not meant to be easily fixed, good but not great displays. Varies greatly within this range from ok to pretty good. Built to me manufactured cheaply.

PVM is professional video monitor. Not TV's, probably won't even have an RF connector in many cases. This is what you get when you rent monitors for a trade show. Meant to be fixed fairly easily, guts are on two circuit boards not one more cheaply made single board. Pretty good quality.

BVM. Broadcast quality. Not meant to be stylish, they won't look good in your den, are usually small, but are as razor sharp as you can possibly get and dead-nuts accurate in every way. Guts are on 7 circuit cards that can be swapped out in an instant. Expensive.

GDM. Graphics Display Monitor. These are to computer CRT's what PVM's are to video. Always better to get one of these than a KV anything.

Note that there's some crossover though. The KV 1311CR was originally a PVM, and they simply re badged it and undocumented the analog RGB interface (while leaving it connected and working), so it helps to poke around a bit and find out what all the models are.

Note also that some really good GDM's are re badged as SUN and SGI and the like.