Opinions on various things
Opinions on various things

A focus

Probably my first real hobby after dabbling in snakes, chemistry sets and microcsopes. Aquaria are really a defining focus of my life. I mostly keep killifish and Cryptocorynes (Aroids) and dabble in natural planted aquarium, bettas and low tech fishtanks.


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Easier to fix than cars

I used to think I was a weirdo for having more than one watch. Now thanks to the net I know I'm still a weirdo but so are lots of other people. My histroy is Timex, Timex, Timex, Rolex, Seiko, vintage Bulova then wham I started collecting olsd watches. I like "misc Swiss", Omega and vintage chronographs, mostly Lemania. And Rado, who make about the only new watches besides Omega that I like. Having said that I appreciate the work done by Martin Braun, and Michael Kobold and their ilk.

I have opinions on video?

I must have put this here for a reason but I can't for the life of me think what it was.

food wheat food kippers food fruit food sugar
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Not that I'm picky, but...


Cel phone rants.

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Get a Benz

Nobody needs more car than a 10 year old Mercedes. No other car makes any sense. The parts are cheap and they're straightforward and easy to fix and can last for a half million miles easily. They really are built better than any other car.


Toys for boys. And girls.