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If you think it's warming then I'm afraid you probably have not looked at the data. Ask yourself this, were you told it was warming of was there hard evidence leading to an inescapable conclusion it was?

We were supposed to be halfway to a burning world by 2012 and the ice grew and as of 2017 sea rise has been negative for years and CO2 was higher 2000 years ago and even the NOAA was forced to admit there had been "no warming this century".

They used to be fun. Now they're cheap nasty trash. There are some that are nice though. I've pretty much given up on wintel.

Opinions on the Internet Domain Name System.

Don't get me started

Who's running this ship anyway? 10,000 morons or what?


Observations and essays on the law.

Music, good and bad. Depending on your viewpoint.

Open mindedness. One of the best videos of all time.


Medical dishonesty

Why you can't always trust big pharma's version of "medical research", literally 9 times out of ten it is not true and the US pharma industry today ranks as the third leading cause of death in America today.

Medicine is older than the patent medicine industry yet without a patent idustyr would not give a cure for cancer a sexcond glance and this is provable: look at the Salvestrol story.

The medical system is the third-leading cause of death in the United States. (Ref: Starfield B (July 2000). "Is US health really the best in the world?". JAMA 284 (4): 4835. doi:10.1001/jama.284.4.483. PMID 10904513).