Why this is important

Origin of immunjization

Foundations of chemotherapy

Andromeda strain.

In 1967 in Marburg Germany a biotechnology form producing polio vaccine from monkey kidneys inadvertently led to the discovery of the Filovirus as it killed lab and town folk alike. This was the worst voris discovered so far, and The Andromeda Strain was written very shortly after.

From the 1976 Ebola outbreak to Reston

A review of Ebola outbreaks: from the first one in 1976 to te most recent 2018 outbreak which failed to last a week in the news and perhaps most importantly the non-pathogenic Reston strain.

Innate immunity in the jungle

The Baka tribe are a people that span the Congo Cameroon border and who live in the forest from which they derive the majority of their food. They are immune to Ebola. They don't get HIV or influenza.

Taylors magic bullet works.

Taylor postulated in 1995 that Ebola killed because it encodes for selenium ans strips the host of it very quickly. Other authors wrote on the relationship of selenium and Ebola after finding some significance of Selenium to HIV in the early 1990s, Lipinski in 2015 identified the exact mechanism by which the right amount of selenium inhibits the chemical bond from forming that is necessary for the virus to invade hoist cell.