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Care, feeding and propagation of the Giant Red Cryptocoryne. In the first part of this article (TFH Feb 2009) we explored the origins of this somewhat rare-in-the-hobby species, tentatively identified as Cryptocoryne cordata grabowski although Kai Witte (pers. comms.) suggests this may just be a race of C. cordata cordata. Much is sill not known about the Cryptocorynes of Kalimatan (and until - or if - the plant flowers, we will never know the correct identity for sure). The plant was traced back to a collection in 1950 and subsequent importation into Canada by one man, Charlie Drew, who has kept this population in continuous cultivation ever since.


Poropanchax normani

Featured Article
Issue: June 2010
Lampeye Killies - Poropanchax normani
Author: Richard Sexton

With small blue eyes that shine like gems, the lampeye killie is the perfect alternative for stocking a traditional planted aquascape.

Photographer: Tony Terceira
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Rcrypt2 | Jun  

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