A lighthearted Look
at the sheer fucking Atrocity
of Contemporaneous Web Programming Languages

RED MEAT I just need to get a listing... from the secret files of max cannon
So why don't you use it then?
Whoa buddy, we're not making videogames here, it's just a way to share documents - and it's good enough for a laser printer, it'll work with small screens
Why are sparks flying out the back of the machine?
...with free software like this printer program I got off the net... what?
Dammit. There was some Hadron thing using this workstation too.
2015-08-25 08:51:11(

RED MEAT CERN, 1987 from the secret files of max cannon
Whoa, nice diagram Tim
It's my draft for this new WWW language - HTML.
Did you use it to make this diagram?
I favor the 1968 imaging model Bell Labs used with TROFF. You couldn't actually make this diagram in HTML.
How'd you print it then?
My NeXT workstation has PostScript, you should see the stuff it can do.
2015-08-24 08:58:44(