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Things I've made out of GlowLace material

Things I've made out of GlowLace material


Products that might benefit from this technology.


Cast offs from the manufacturing process.


My boots.


The kids and I made some glow in the dark bracelets by welding bits of clear, glow, and black urethane together. I've worn one ever since, it's amazing how bright it glows with just a little exposure to the sun - or any strong source of UV.


Unbreakable glow in the dark button attachments

I lose buttons not because the buttons break, but because the thread breaks. This isn't thread, won't break and glows in the dark.


By braiding USB cables with various colors of solid color and glow polymers...


Created once by accident in the factory - it was a complete accident with, apparently, the right mixture of clear urethane and a tiny amount of graphite powder. We were never able to reproduce it after trying many times but it really was an odd metallic reflctive silvery chrome looking thing. We only had a couple of inches of it.


Coiled glow in the dark cord.


Unbreakable glow in the dark lanyards.


Glow in the dark shoe laces.


Roger and his famous sneakers.


The abstract randomness of lots of bits of glow in the dark cord hanging about.