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CSS Quick Reference
CSS Quick Reference

CSS is a bunch of goop you add as well to make HTML behave the way you want - it sets "styles" and you can manipulate nearly every aspect of HTML by using css. The concept is fairly simple, but the implementation is possibly the most arcane in the entire suite of web languages. It has problems with sytax and semantics. An obvious addition would be intelligence, this was done 30 years ago and it called "postscript" which would also obviate the need for JavaScript and HTML. Plus it's faster, smaller and does way more things. Every document processing and desktop publishing system ever written can output postscript which printers, screen viewers and professorial typesetting equipment alike recognize by virtue of the fact it's the only open standard besides raw txt files. Good luck, it's a nightmare. See also online CSS3 generator tools

And: to see what works in what browser..



Quick reference guide. Like those pocket PDP-11 Instruction set cards Digital used to have.

Also, why there will never be a CSS4.

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